Club Rules


As well as the SEVEN BASIC RULES FOR SAFE FIREARM HANDLING, these rules apply to all members, guests and visitors of the New Plymouth Pistol Club.

The ranges are certified by the NZ Police and you are required to read and comply with the Standing Range Orders that apply to each range.

NPPC has 9 ranges and each one has its own set of Standing Range Orders displayed:

  • Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot.
  • Always wear eye and ear protection and covered footwear.
  • Transport pistols in a locked sturdy box.
  • Always listen carefully and follow all RO commands.
  • If you have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing covered shoes (such as diabetes) you must get a Medical Certificate and present it to the Committee for approval.
  • Camouflage clothing or any clothing that is similar to that worn by SAS or SWAT units is banned.
  • You can only discharge those firearms listed in the SRO and pistols held on a B license.
  • All pistols on the range must be either in a bag, box or holster with magazines removed.
  • Firearms can only be handled in the Safety Zone for cleaning or repairing or on the firing line when instructed by the RO.
  • Ammunition may not be handled in the Safety Zone.
  • No person shall leave the firing line with a loaded firearm.
  • No firearm may be loaded until instructed to do so by the RO.
  • When firing is completed, all pistols must be cleared by the RO before bagging or holstering.
  • You must not move from the firing line until your pistol has been cleared.
  • Only pistols on a B license may be discharged on the range.
  • No alcohol or drugs are to be consumed before, during or after shooting.
  • If you are having a BBQ at the NPPC, alcohol may be consumed once shooting is completed for the day.
  • Metal targets are designed for lead rifle and pistol projectiles. No FMJ are allowed or tracer rounds.
  • Similarly, you must not shoot at any of the barricades. They are barricades not targets.