Muzzle Loading

What is Muzzle Loading?

Muzzle Loading is another discipline that is shot predominantly at a distance of 25 metres. Most of the matches in this discipline have the same format of 13 shots loaded and fired in 30 minutes. The difference between the matches is in the type of pistol that has to be used to shoot a specific match. The oldest type of pistol used is that of a Japanese match lock. Other types are flint lock, muzzle loading single shot, ‘Wild West’ style cap and ball revolver and Black Powder cartridge revolver. All pistols are loaded with Black Powder exclusively, and for most matches the guns have to be original guns from the period or exact replicas thereof.

Muzzle Loading appeals to shooters with an interest in historical guns, or with an interest in the technical details of firearms. The loading that is part of every match requires good knowledge of the function of the gun and attention to detail. At the same time it fits well together with the ISSF disciplines, as the shooting skills that are required are the same.